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Healthier Eyes and Better Vision with Feldenkrais Method PART 2

This 4 session Feldenkrais Workshop will help to improve your eye health. With the increased use of computers, phones, and tablets, people of all ages are experiencing eye discomfort. This not only diminishes our eye health, but can also lead to tension in our jaw, neck, and shoulders. The Awareness through Movement ™ lessons in this workshop will help to relieve neck and shoulder pain and provide participants with new tools for vital self-care. They can also help to improve mobility and posture while reducing muscular tension.

These new and gentle lessons are appropriate for everyone and no previous experience with the Feldenkrais Method or the Healthier Eyes and Better Vision Part 1 series is needed.

Many participants reported an overall feeling of better vision and a sense of aliveness after taking the first Healthy Eyes and Better Vision Part 1 workshop in November.

Cost: HKD 800

Date: Feb 5,12,19,26 ( Sat)

Time: 2:30- 4pm

Venue: Theatre du Pif Studio

Teacher: Sean Curran

The workshop will be taught in English

---- About Sean Curran

Sean is the Co-Artistic Director of Theatre du Pif. He has been a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2004 and he has led Feldenkrais Workshops for performers in Asia, Europe, Canada, and South America. He also teaches the Feldenkrais Method at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and at the Hong Kong Baptist University. In recent years Sean’s work has extended beyond the performing arts and he now teaches Feldenkrais Workshops for business executives, physiotherapists, social workers, and people in recovery from cancer. The Feldenkrais Workshops Sean runs at the Theatre du Pif studio are open to all.


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