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A meditation on the Myth of Oedipus 

In the intimacy of the Cattle Depot Art Village’s Unit 12 performing space Theatre du Pif’s journey into the Myth of Oedipus is an immersive theatrical event that explores through movement, sound, music and storytelling, the themes of inescapable fate, violence, suffering, memory, empathy and compassion.


“Theatre du Pif creates a dialogue with the original text. Instead of directly enacting the play, they explore the essences or motifs of the text, so as to create a marvelous interflow. The company does not aim at going beyond the texts, but to bring the texts to the audiences, leading to a convergence. As audiences, we witnessed a flower of spring blooms on the sands.”

Jess Leung, Wen Wei Po, 29 Apr 2017


Apr 2017

Unit 12, Cattle Depot



Lee Chun-chow

Sean Curran, Bonni Chan

Chan Wai-fat, Lau Chi-bun,

Gabriel Fung Kwok-kee
Visual Designer 

Yuen Hon-wai
Lighting Designer 

Lau Ming-hang
Sound Designer 

Chan Wai-fat

Interview with the team by Delta Zhi (in Chinese)

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