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A fantastic journey to the mythical Ocean of Stories

Deep within its waters lay stories from many different cultures. Some light, some dark, others funny, a few sad but all presented in an imaginative and theatrical way which appealed to both adults and children.


Could the mysterious Pied Piper rid a town of its plague of rats by playing his little pipe?

When Macbeth meets an old witch in the forest, he can't believe the power and glory she predicts for him. But slowly he begins to realise that with one killing all can be in his grasp... What will he do?


The selfish giant banished the children from playing in his garden but now the sun never visits and it's always winter. What will bring the sun, flowers and children back again?

What was it like to live in the land where no-one ever dies?


The Ocean of Stories brought new enjoyment to a diverse collection of children stories, folk tales and classic drama while giving the audience the chance to experience the intimacy and magic of live story-telling.


"actors rich in imagination...the ensemble performance created a wonderful world between illusion and reality.
Fa Lam, Tai Kung Pao, Dec 2000


Dec 2000

Hong Kong Cultural Centre,
Studio Theatre



Bonni Chan, 
Sean Curran


Bonni Chan


Sean Curran,
Phoebe Chan,
Bonni Chan

Visual & Graphic Designer

Sylvia Chan

Costume Designer

Cheng Man-wing

Lighting Designer

Gabriel Fung Kwok-kee

Music & Sound Designer

Adrian Chow

Presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department

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