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THE OAK TREE - an odyssey
Inspired by Virginia Woolf's classic novel Orlando.

Slipping between genders, we follow a search for self-identity and love, with the magic notion of immortality evoking a sense of loss for the past (nostalgia), and a feeling of joy for the possible future.


Bonni Chan won the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Drama Awards (1998) 


"The play was a feast of exquisite visual delicacies, and the movement of the actors was beautifully rehearsed and conveyed a poetic quality." 


"Bonni Chan did an excellent job of being a man, so effective that when she resumed the role of a woman her previous manly presence consistent with the theme of the play, was still tangible. The text was lyrical and meditative and the supporting actors performed with great sincerity"
​Simon Wu, South China Morning Post, Jul 1996


Jul 1996

Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shouson Theatre



Paul Poon


Bonni Chan, Sean Curran, Paul Poon

Visual & Graphic Designer

Sylvia Chan

Sound Designer

Anthony Yeung

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