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the Isle

... a small rock on the South China Sea with its long and dumbbell shape, it was named Cheung Chau - the “Long Isle”. It used to be one of the major fishing villages of Hong Kong and over the years most of the traditional on-and off-shore cultures and festivals are still preserved. In many ways, its landscape, people and strong community reflect both Hong Kong’s past and present.

the Journey

The event of the Journey is constructed and mapped out based on verbatim transcripts from dialogues with local Cheung Chau residents. We will take our walk on Cheung Chau, visiting sites and stories along the way... a local watch shop, a street communal hall, the youth sports association, a dried seafood shop, the boundary stones, boats and beaches... with text, sounds, natural landscape and live performances, let our journey begin!


“The ultimate environmental theatre blurred the boundaries between auditorium and stage, highlighted the space and historical uniqueness of Cheung Chau. Multi-focus of the performance shaped the place that has never been seen before.” 

Jess Leung, Wen Wai Pao

Project Period

Mar 2018

Cheung Chau



Bonni Chan, Jamie Wu,
Wingo Chan, Sean Curran


Michael Li 

Photos Concept

Cheung Chi-wai


Eric Tsang


Wong Pik-kwan, Chan Wai-fat,

Lau Chi-bun, Gabriel Fung Kwok-kee, Chen Ying-ching, Bonni Chan,

Sean Curran, Michael Li,

Kwok Man-cheong, Leung Kam-wan, Vienna Tam, Adrian Yeung

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