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A new interpretation of leading HK playwright Paul Poon's acclaimed play.

It depicts one couple's encounter on a remote island where their past and present overlap. As they ask the question "do we stay or leave?" a battle of wills unfolds that leads to a surprising and dramatic finale. Witty and touched with pathos, Poon's play is a compassionate yet skeptical take on enduring love. The Isle is a thought-provoking and dreamlike tone poem. 


"The physical movement and beautiful imagery… fully embodied the silence, tension and undercurrents within Paul Poon's script" 
Wen Wei Po


“The poetic picture/portrait is composed by delicate imagery, condensed music and lighting, the directional position of performers and the precise text. This resembles the work of painters, who brings their viewers into the inner world of the characters they paint with different layers of colors.”
Peter Poon, Artistic Director of Dramaonevan

Touring/Extended Performances

Aug 2014

Gateway Theatre Pacific Festival, Gateway Theatre, Canada (Touring)

Jun 2014

Macau Cultural Centre, Macau (Touring)

Dec 2012

Guangdong Modern Dance Company Small Theater (Touring)

Dec 2011

HKRep Black Box (Premiere)



Bonni Chan, Janice Poon


Lee Chi-man, Bonni Chan

Set and Costume Designer

Terrenz Chang

Lighting Designer

Lau Ming-Hang

Sound and Music Designer

Vincent Pang Chun-kit

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