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SEED 2020
Evolved from the CAT·14 and the Actors Labs, Theatre du Pif launches a new 2-year program SEED 2020, aiming to improve the skill and insight of Hong Kong theatre practitioners and to consolidate a unique training and performance-research platform to enrich their craft, knowledge and perspectives.
The Actors’ Lab series

A theatre training and research base to create an international actors’ platform in Hong Kong.

The Wings ONE

2-4 Aug 2021

The Wings TWO Summer 2022

 15-16 Aug 2022

I : 2021 of Craft and Freedom

31 Aug - 9 Sep 2021

II:  Summer 2022 with dancers and dancemakers
10 - 19 Jul 2022

III: Oct 2022 of Connection and Construction
14 - 19 Oct 2022

International Workshop series

Assembled of three world-class artists from voice, directing, and dance theatre, the Workshop series focuses on the professional development of theatre professionals from Hong Kong and Asia.

The Feldenkrais Approach to Performance” with Deborah Bowes

Aug 2021

“Writing for the Theatre” with Liam Hurley
Apr 2022

“Acting and Directing Online Workshop”  with Adrian Noble

Nov 2022

Ten Waves gatherings

Art and Life are inseparable. The ten gatherings are specifically composed to evoke art participation and appreciation in a real-life context. The collaborators who have worked with the Company will be sharing their journey in art-making and inspiration in their daily life which excites and nourishes them.

ONE: Light Unfolds
Lighting and pop-up art designer Lau Ming Hang who has collaborated with the Company for many years will share his light journey.

10 -11 Jul 2020

TWO: The Drum Journey

From Taichi to drum practice, a self-exploration of the connection between the body and sound vibration. Theatre director Alex Cheung will also share his drum and theatre journey.

18 Apr 2021

THREE: Flow of the Heart

Hofan Chau as our guide along a journey: beginning with a deep reconnection with the Heart as a source of fresh images; and allowing ourselves to move and be moved by these images through body, space and time. 

14 Jun 2021

FOUR: How Did We all Come to Live Here?

A group of housewives from Tuen Mun who performed in the Company's community theatre projects over 16 years ago will gather again and share their family stories of the past and future.

17 July 2021

FIVE: Still Wave
With some warm-up exercises and handcrafts in the beginning, stage designer Yuen Hon Wai will share his design journey with Bonni Chan.
22 Sep 2022

SIX: Pen Wave

Have you ever been moved by the human ability to craft words and sounds? Do you appreciate the result created by weaving words into sentences or by gathering notes into a piece of music? Are you willing to indulge in the freedom of being inspired by sound, music, your own thoughts and other people’s creations?

If you do, join us for the workshop with your favourite notebook and pen and an open mind to experience a creative process of words and sound.
13 Aug 2022

SEVEN: Pen Wave 2

The second round of "Pen Wave". Continue to indulge in the freedom of being inspired by sound, music, your own thoughts, and other people’s creations. 
8 Oct 2022

EIGHT: Lecoq Wave

Theatre du Pif’s Co-artistic Director Sean Curran studied with Lecoq for two years in the 1980’s and in this conversation with Bonni Chan, he will talk about the impact Lecoq’s work had on his own development as a theatre practitioner and what impact Lecoq had on the work of Theatre du Pif.
6 Nov 2022


A body training and appreciation class in the form of a Chinese Opera Movement lesson.

From stretching to strengthening of the legs and torso, from pure conventions of characterised walks to a simple foundation sequence of spears combat, let’s discover the joy of physical expression through this traditional art form.
11 Dec 2022

TEN: Camus Wave

A playful and practical (bring along your training shoes !) exploration by Sean Curran into why theatre and football matter.

11 Mar 2023

Love in the time of

The Lab will path a rich research process towards the realization of the final performance project which takes its rich textual resource from Gabriel Marquez’s astounding novel: Love in the time of cholera.

Feb 2023

Ten Waves

SEED 2020 is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

The content of this programme does not reflect the views of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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