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interview with mingpao

Updated: May 29, 2021

「It's something you come in and you go out different,一個好的劇場應該讓人感覺內在容量更大,可以走更遠的路、再擔負更多」。也許在這時代很艱難,而在此時閱讀肯恩,可能正如Bonni所希望,「我想更多人明白她不止是個患有抑鬱的人,而是個很溫柔、鬼馬的劇作家」,在如此險峻世道,想想肯恩說過,唯有這些我們可嘗試抓緊的──人性、幽默,以及自由:

/Once you have perceived that life is very cruel, the only response is to live with as much humanity, humour and freedom as you can./

An interview by Ming Pao - link here. 全文按此


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