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Ten Waves gathering FOUR: <How did we all come to live here?>

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

A group of housewives from Tuen Mun who performed in the Company's community theatre projects over 16 years ago will gather again and share their family stories of the past and future together with a screening of the documentary by local filmmaker Kwan Pun Leung and Amos Lee on one of their memorable productions, developed with Theatre du Pif in 2004. The project began with the question, “how did they all come to live in Tuen Mun?” without realizing in the beginning, it continued to chase up to a few generations back and eventually weaved profoundly a web of family histories which could be named - Hong Kong. This December of 2020, these mothers and some had become new grandmothers will meet to sketch us their past 16 years and share their vision of their next ...Homestead.



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