OLD TIMES by Harold Pinter
a memory game

Deeley and his wife Kate are visited by Anna, an old friend of Kate's, who they haven't seen in over 20 years. Anna launches into recollecting memories of concerts and other bohemian haunts the two women shared while young and living together in London. When the memories become more than just stories and prove to be a tool to vie for Kate's attention, Deeley also begins to bring up stories that are almost too clear to be true. However, it's Kate's memory that gives the play it's a shocking conclusion.

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2005 was awarded to Harold Pinter “who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle and forces entry into oppression's closed rooms.”

“The past is what you remember, imagine you remember, convince yourself you remember, or pretend you remember.” Harold Pinter

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A play-reading and interactive commentary event 

A play-reading and interactive commentary event

Harold Pinter’s works have been so impactful in the 20th century that they have spawned their own words used to describe certain hallmarks of his works: “Pinteresque”, “The Pinter Silence” and  “The Pinter Pause.” 


This reading by guest director and translator Paul Poon and some of Hong Kong’s leading artists bring you into a touchingly intimate relationship with the play’s unfolding events.


Director/Translator/Live Commentator
Paul Poon^  

Reading Team

Cheng Yee-chai, Benny Leung, Bonni Chan


6.4.2021 (Tue) 3-6pm

Ko Shan Theatre New Wing Function Room



19.4 (Mon) - 20.6.2021 (Mon) 

$120 (72hrs)
Art-mate VIDEO Room

Performed in Cantonese

3 hours with an interval 


4-5.6.2021 (Fri-Sat) 8pm 

5-6.6.2021 (Sat-Sun) 3:30pm 

Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

$320, $280


Paul Poon


Emily Cheng
Bobby Lau*
Bonni Chan

Set Designer

Moon Ip

Costume Designer

Cindy Ho 

Lighting Designer

Lau Ming-hang

Sound Designer

Chan Wai-fat


^with the kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

*with the kind permission of the Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Performed in Cantonese

No latecomers will be admitted. Audience is advised to arrive punctually.

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About Harold Pinter (1930-2008)

Harold Pinter was a British dramatist and the 2005 Nobel Laureate for Literature. Pinter was born in Hackney, east London in 1930, and the only son of a Jewish tailor. At the outbreak of World War II, he was evacuated from London to Cornwall and he witnessed the bombing of London by Nazi forces. He studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1948 but left after two terms. Pinter's career as a playwright began with a production of The Room in 1957. In 2005 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature.


Harold Pinter’s works have been so impactful in the 20th century that they have spawned their own words used to describe certain hallmarks of his works: “Pinteresque”. The term "Pinteresque" has had an established place in the English language for almost thirty years. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as "resembling or characteristic of the works of the English playwright Harold Pinter, in particular by having a sense of menace and featuring dialogue marked by many pauses.”

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