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Theatre du Pif's version of Kafka's classic story is a visual delight that combines a dynamic text with the strong physicality of the company performers to produce a performance that was hailed for both its power and poetic sensibility.

Metamorphosis tells the story of a young salesman Gregar Samsa who toils away day by day so as to provide for his family until one morning he finds himself transformed into a giant insect. Slowly we see how his Metamorphosis affects those around him; his family, his boss, a new lodger in his home and how their initial reaction of horror and revulsion gives way to anger, sorrow and finally indifference.

In 1997 was enthusiastically received by audiences in Hong Kong and highly acclaimed by critics and was selected as one of the Ten Most Popular Productions in 1998. Theatre du Pif further explored and developed the work to bring it on stage again and restaged it again in Hong Kong in 2000. 


One of the Ten Most Popular Productions

Hong Kong Drama Awards 1998


"...a feast of exquisite visual delicacies..." 
Kevin Kwong, South China Morning Post, 25 May 1997


"A unique performance style in the Hong Kong theatre scene - striking a poetic balance between reality and abstraction."
Ho Chi-ming, Ming Pao Daily, 26 May 1997


"What theatre du pif masters is not only a world of absurdity, but also the conflicts in humanity, shown through the physical movement of the casts, as individuals and as an ensemble."

​Fa Lam, Ta Kung Pao, 31 May 1997


Apr 2000

Sha Tin Town Hall &
Tuen Mun Town Hall

Mar 2000

Tsuen Wan Town Hall
(New adaption) 

May 1997

Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Studio Theatre (Premiere)


Devisors & Directors

Bonni Chan, Sean Curran


Sean Curran, Phoebe Chan, Ng Ka-leung, Mandy Chen, Bonni Chan, Victor Pang (2000) | Au Chi-hung (1997)

Visual & Graphic Designer

Sylvia Chan

Costume Designer

Cheng Man-wing (2000) | Kenneth Leung (1997)

Lighting Designer

Alice Kwong, Meji Lau (2000) | Alice Kwong (1997)

Sound & Music Designer

Wong Sun-keung

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