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"We believe that everyone has the potential to create, whether it be through devising theatre, movement or voice and we welcome you to join us in the coming workshops to share and celebrate your own creativity."  
Bonni & Sean

Residency at Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre

In Oct 1998 Theatre du Pif started a six-month residential project that was held at the Sai Wan Ho Civic Centre and involved drama workshops theatre classes performances, a video project and a photographic exhibition.


In the Community Drama Workshop a group of women from Tuen Mun shared with us and each other their fears, regrets, hopes and dreams, which culminated in a public performance, On the City Train She Stands.


The Actors Open Classes was a rare opportunity to have a mix of experienced actors from different companies, backgrounds and performing styles working together in a mature, concentrated yet relaxed workshop environment that set out to explore the skills and sources of inspiration in creating theatre and performing. 


In the Intensive Workshop/Rehearsal with Guest Director, a set of 2 week-long full day rehearsals with the guest director, Chan Ping Chiu, culminated in 2 open-to-public presentations. We worked in a relaxed and concentrated atmosphere exploring new ways to tackle text and movement along with the opportunity of being directed in another style and approach.


The main aim of the Devising Workshop was to give the participants the chance to explore their own creativity. We wanted to give the participants a space where they could explore their own ideas and create their own theatre piece. Through this experience, they have had a small taste of what it is like to be part of a creative ensemble.


The company collaborated with local cinematographer Kwan Pun Leung on the Creative Video Project which was inspired by the Company's previous devised works notably Fish Heads and Tales. The video was shot in three weeks and we still remember the beauty of the sunrise at Dung Wan Beach in Cheung Chau...

Cheung Chi-wai spent time with the Company during all the events and his photos capture various moments from the whole Jamboree du Pif creative process.


And in 2001, a series of workshops were launched that involved a theatre production and workshops for various audience groups.   

Actors Workshop I
An intensive workshop for actors that explored the work of the Spanish dramatist and poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The basis for the workshop was selected text and elements from Lorca's plays and poems. Participants were involved in acting, movement exercises and improvisation. There were two public presentations at the end of the workshop based on ideas that participants themselves had worked on.


Actors Workshop II
This workshop was aimed at people who wished to explore their own creativity through the medium of theatre. Acting, movement and voice exercises were some of the key elements in the workshops providing a basic tool box for the participants to create their own small theatre performances. These performances were developed into two public presentations at the end of the programme.


Teenage Kicks
A highly stimulating and fun workshop for teenagers who were interested in the performing arts. The course included theatre games, acting, movement, voice and
the chance for participants to explore their own ideas through theatre performance.


Voice Workshop
The workshop explored in an enjoyable way, the idea that everyone has the potential to make strong and resonant sound.  By using breathing and voice exercises, songs and text, the participants were also encouraged to find their own "hidden voice".

Workshop Presentations
Two sets of public presentations showing the work created by the participants of our actors workshops (I) and (II).


Open Presentation I
The work presentation was inspired by selected texts and elements from the poems and plays of the Spanish dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca.


Open Presentation II
Small theatre performances based on ideas and themes formulated by the workshop participants themselves.


Open Rehearsal
Members of the public were invited to watch the company in rehearsal as they prepared for their production La Casa de... which was later performed at the 2002 Hong Kong Arts Festival.

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