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In their first piece of devised theatre based on Hong Kong literature, Theatre du Pif explore the world of local poet Leung Ping Kwan (Yasi).

Explore the world of local poet Leung Ping Kwan (Yasi), using the sound and movement of our time we begin to connect to Yasi’s deep sentiments about our city and explore his resilience and strength as he walks through the mists of uncertainty.


“the ocean between us, how I yearned to be with you and share with you the refreshing melon There are so many things that do not live up to expectations The human world has its imperfections The bitter melon understands.”
‘Traveling with a Bitter Melon’ (excerpt), Yasi


“We walk along the edge of the bustling city, I think I see The weary one falling, shaking the river on his head Sprinkling the world with fresh dew drops”
‘Kuafu at Exchange Square’ (excerpt), Yasi


“This is a poetry reading of Yasi.“
Felixism Chan, art critic 


Nov 2019

Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall


Theatre Illustrator & Director

Bonni Chan


Ip Ka Man, Jumbo Lam, Karen Kan, Bonni Chan, Wong Pik-kwan,
TDPers (Irene Tsang, Kwok Man-cheong, Chan Deer)
& a Whale

Music Performer

Lau Chi-bun

Set Designer

Yuen Hon-wai

Lighting Designer

Lau Ming-hang

Costume Designer

Cheng Man-wing

Sound Designer

Lau Chi-bun, Cher Ng

Interview with Bonni Chan by the Stand News (in Chinese)
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Interview with Bonni Chan by Ming Pao Weekly
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