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A story of mystery and intrigue. 
A story of a man and a woman. 
A story of love and death.

Hanako's Pillow is an international collaboration between artists from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and the UK that fuses theatre, poetry, song and live music to explore the dreams of an aging warrior in an intense duel of love and mortality.


There is a rumour that an old woman called Hanako (the flower) lives in the forest, five days walk from any human. It is rumoured by the surrounding villages that the woman is a witch who lives without any need of civilization or human contact. It is said she can become so beautiful no man can resist falling in love with her. Many men have been fascinated by the story or wishing to gain honour have travelled to kill her. Many have left none have returned. It is rumoured through love she turns her visitors into unique wild flowers. A warrior with a strange wound and a mysterious past hears of these stories and decides to encounter this woman.


On arrival he is offered food and a pillow to sleep. The beautiful pillow allows Hanako to sing her way into the dreams and memories of the sleeping warrior. The warrior finds himself staying and everything changes for both. Why has he traveled to encounter her power? Is he an assassin, a man seeking honour where others have failed or a man seeking help? What happens when the sword meets his flower?


"haunting and spell-blinding"
Kevin Kwong, South China Morning Post


"Hanako's Pillow contains a subtle quality of theatre making that is both simple and intense."
Andy Ng, C Culture Magazine


Jul 2008

Hong Kong Cultural Centre,
Studio Theatre 



Robert Draffin (Australia)


Bonni Chan, Sean Curran


Bonni Chan, Sean Curran,

Shirley Tsoi

Cello Music

Letty Poon

Sound compositions

Jethro Woodward (Australia)

Stage designer

Lee Yun-soo (South Korea)

Lighting designer

Lau Ming-hang

Costume designer

Cheng Man-wing

Sound coordinator

Vincent Pang Chun-kit

Image designer

Joyce Ma

The visit of Robert Draffin is sponsored by the Australian Consulate-General Hong Kong

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