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Who could carry an immense darkness and still trust the sky?
Who scavenges without shame and eats Death alive?

The crow perches on a tree in the snow.
It shivers with its breast protruding.
More snow falls, the Dark Muse tugs its head under-wing and enters the Cosmos of Creation...

She gazes at the his-story of Ankoku Butoh, the sound of caws insinuates. The dark muse musing on human beings' capacity in the pursuit of truth and beauty.

Crow H is a tribute to those who had given up to be a flower and thus… become the closest thing to it.


“Even if the presentation seems to be a theatrical performance, but it’s a butoh performance. She passes through the times and spaces in the 20th century, until to meet Mr. Yukio Waguri again .”

Miyata Tetsuya, Professor of Kyoto Saga University of Arts. 


May 2019

Tokyo Babylon (International Butoh Festival of Japan)


Bonni Chan

Live Musician

Lau Chi-bun

Costume Designer

Cheng Man-wing

Lighting Designer

Lau Ming-hang

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