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In 2003, Bonni was invited to collaborate with artists from Korea and Japan on a production that explored Chekhov's famous play through a Contemporary Asian Woman's Perspective.

It was developed through a workshop and devising process and the final production was performed in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Seoul.



Fringe Club, Hong Kong

Seoul Next Wave Festival

Tokyo Summit Festival

Creator’s note


First Stop: Seoul 

Walking in this 'foreign' city, every few days in the street, I'd be stopped by some old aunties asking their way in the neighborhood.


In the rehearsal room, all the 'three sisters' do really look like a certain sister or cousin in my own family.  Yet, from the number of sounds we need to make to say good morning, to the degree of passion for spicy food, we are undoubtedly different.


And it is all these similarities and differences which make this collaboration a very rich one.

Within the Checkov play, we three Prozorov sisters are all dreamers, yearning to return to Moscow, but as the play unfolds, reality pushes them harder and harder until their dreams are finally shattered.


Yet in December, a small group in Seoul was working on this Moscow dream in a basement rehearsal studio, while the famous Korean 'knife' wind was howling outside.  And it was during the daily entering and travelling through these sisters' dreams, my three fellow actresses and I were often able to visit our own dreamland...... a space where we can concentrate to explore and learn, an adventure full of vitality and discoveries.

For a while...... Moscow was near.


January 2004 in Hong Kong

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