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In the spring and summer of 2004, Bonni and Sean developed a youth project that was different from their usual community outreach work.

They both coached the Cheung Chau Primary School football team. It was a delightful experience and the passion, innocence and beauty of the boys is something they will never forget. They were reflecting on how their work in community theatre was similar to the football coaching (encouraging creativity and teamwork and building self-confidence in young people) and then, they came across this quote from Albert Camus.

Project period

spring and summer 2004

"I was only truly happy when in a theatre or on a football pitch."

Albert Camus, French Writer, Dramatist, Nobel Prize winner for literature and... goalkeeper!


Enjoy the game!!

Bonni's view: 

(Theatre du Pif director and assistant football coach)


Look at these boys! Their unbridled energy, their balance, co-ordination and grace in movement. For one moment I thought it would be possible to give up all drama-in-education projects for kids under twelve and just coach them football instead.  They can learn about movement, practice voice projection, the sense of space, teamwork and how to gain more self confidence and a sense of worth.



When they reach thirteen, read with them Romeo and Juliet, touch their hearts and then they might just want to begin their own journey into the world of the arts.

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