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5000 ROSES
“The men where you live” said the prince, “raise 5000 roses in the same garden and they do not find in it what they are looking for.”

Inspired by the life and writings of the heroic aviator and prize-winning author Antoine de Saint-Exupery, whose best-known work is the enchanting fable, The Little Prince.


Theatre du Pif's production mixed moments from Saint-Expurery's life, with the main story of The Little Prince whose interplanetary travels brings him to Earth where he learns finally from a fox, the secret of what is really important in life.


Presented by the Provisional Urban Council

Via May

An initial result of the devising process inspired by the life and writing of Antoine de Saint-Exupery which would cumulate towards the performance 5000 roses. 


"The consistently brilliant Theatre du Pif has triumphed in reclaiming The Little Prince from the claws of pragmatic capitalism and striking at the mundaneness of the modern life in one blow. 5000 roses is like a breath of fresh air, managing to evoke as many affecting images and messages as the original text itself. Those who have not read the book would be overwhelmed by the sentiments, while those who did would experience how shatteringly moving it is when brought to the stage."

Clarence Tsui, South China Morning Post, 6 Dec 1999


Dec 1999

Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Premiere)

May 1999

Via May showcase at
Hong Kong Fringe Club



Bonni Chan, Sean Curran


Bonni Chan


Sean Curran, Emily Cheng,
Bonni Chan, Mandy Chen,
Walter Leung, Daryl Wong

Visual & Graphic Designer

Sylvia Chan

Costume Designer

Cheng Man-wing

Lighting Designer

Alice Kwong

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