Awareness through Movement ™ the Feldenkrais Method in June 六月動中感悟™:魁根斯方法工作坊

Reaching From a Place of Stability

Our Feldenkrais Method Workshop in February was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. After sharing 7 audio lessons with the participants we are going to begin the classes in our studio on 20th June. The places on these rescheduled classes are full but we will launch a set of classes for theatre practitioners to explore the work and inspirations of Moshe Feldenkrais on Monday afternoons. We will do awareness through movement (TM) lessons as well as reading together some of Moshe’s writings. The workshops welcome the participation of performers, theatre artists/ curators, designers, art administrators and technicians. The workshop will be conducted in Cantonese.

Date: 29/6, 6/7, 13/7, 20/7 (Mon)

Time: 4:15- 6pm

Address: Theatre du Pif Sheung Wan Studio

Facilitator: Bonni Chan

Fee: $800(4 classes)

* Pay-what-you-can if you are experiencing financial difficulties.


To safeguard the health and safety for our facilitator and our participants, the preventative measures are implemented in our studio.


原定於二月進行的動中感悟™:魁根斯方法(Awareness through Movement ™ the Feldenkrais Method)工作坊,經驗了七個沿途提鍊的錄音課堂後,於本月20日在進劇場工作室的地板上啟航。期待和名額已滿,謝謝大家。

從6月29 日起一連四個星期一的下午,進劇場將展開一個全新給劇場工作者參與的工作坊,除動中感悟™魁根斯方法課堂的探索外,一起看看創立人梅瑞‧魁根斯這位物理學家、柔道大師、否認自己是老師的老師,是用甚麼方法去喚醒大家?


日期:29/6,  6/7,  13/7,  20/7 (星期一)

時間:4:15- 6pm