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Community theatre projects in tuen mun - How did we all come to live in Tuen Mun?

Performed by a group of housewives from Tuen Mun, Gateways explored the question "How did we all come to live in Tuen Mun?" The group of woman conducted intensive research into how they and their families came to Hong Kong. Through talking to their parents and grandparents they began to discover amazing stories of hardship, perseverance, strength and exodus often played out in periods of great social upheaval. These stories formed the basis for an original and powerfully emotive performance that touched the many who saw it.


It was performed at Sha Tin Town Hall and Tuen Mun Town Hall in May 2005.

In Feb 2006, a VCD made by local filmmaker Amos Lee launched in Hong Kong. The documentary follows the creative process (from the first rehearsals through to the final performance) of Gateways.


"This collaboration between the brilliantly off-kilter Theatre du Pif and a group of Tuen Mun women is Community Theatre at its best" 
​Clarence Tsui, South China Morning Post.


May 2005

Sha Tin Town Hall

Tuen Mun Town Hall

Feb 2006

Documentary VCD

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